Change WR21 back to NDIS from PPP?


I’ve had issues with a WR21 router for the last couple of months. It sometimes looses connection for several hours. I have an older Sarian router on the same site and that one seems to work better so i doubt it’s a network issue.

When I got the WR21 it was quiet new and the firmware had a bug so I had to change the modem to PPP instead of NDIS to be able to manage it through SMS (support case 00135602).
That issue was later fixed and on following routers it’s been working fine.
The first router has been running the original firmware until now but since I’m having issues last months I upgraded it to the latest one.
It seems it didn’t help and it still looses connection from time to time.
Would it be a good thing to change it back to NDIS driver? How do I do that?

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To switch between NDIS and PPP on some of the modules is simple

This can be done from the CLI by changing the PPP instance to use NDIS


if however you are using a SierraWireles MC7710 Module this is more complex as the module has to be in the correct mode as well as PPP instance.

The easiest way with SW module is to re flash the router to use sierra_LTE this will set the module to the correct mode and by default PPP is set to use NDIS.

This to remember with Flashing the wr21 is it will wipe all configuration and custom files on the flash so configuration will have to be re applied to the router


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Since the router used the SierraWireles MC7710 and it was on a site far away I have not found the time to fix this, but today I flashed the router and now experience a large increase in speed!!
Thanks James!