Changing default pins

Hi, i’m having some problems with I2C on RCM6700. Would it be possible to use PB6 and PB4 for I2C pins with software lib?
As far as i saw, it uses PB4 and PB6 ofr something, but actually sets the I2C on port D.

Thank you.

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The hardware-based I2C interface of the Rabbit 6000 was designed to use PE0/PE1 or PE4/PE5.

You might be able to “#use I2C_SW.LIB” to use the software-based I2C interface on pins from port D, but I don’t know whether it’s been tested on the 6000.

What are the problems you’re seeing with I2C on the RCM6700? Have you tried using Dynamic C 10.72C? I made various changes/improvements to the I2C libraries for that release.

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Thanks for your response.

As far as I know, PE4 isn’t available for external connection, and using PE0/PE1 isn’t helping me. I think it might be some configuration issue, looking on the SDA/SCL signal, those never go to GND.

Have you tried using I2C on RCM6000 family? If you could supply me with some sample code for I2C_HW lib with EEPROM, it would be great.


I finally got it going, no asistance needed for now =)
Thank you,

I recently found that the Dynamic C 10.72C installer was missing an update to the I2C libraries. You can see the changes and download updated libraries from: