how to use the I2C for RCM6760?

hello, I am using the RCM6760(use the PE0 and PE1 as I2C PINS)and MAX7348 that is a switch chip using the I2C bus,but i didn’t find I2C functions that are fit for the RCM6760 in the Dynamic C library,who can give me a suggestion or a simple ,thank you!

Hello, There are I2C libraries under

You need to modify the libraries according to your hardware.

You can also try the following samples:


The hardware I2C library is not working properly. I recommend you switch to the software version. It works correctly.

To use the software library instead of the patched hardware version, change the #if, #else, #endif statement in i2c.lib.

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is the software version the I2C bus that simulated ?

The software version is bit-banging.