I2C Master transmitt and Master Receive interrupt mode sample codes


    Please could any one have I2C master transmitt and receive interrupt sample codes for RCM6700.

Thanks in advance…

Hello, There are two sample applications under DC10.72
based on I2C , it may help you

i think the sample applications are not fit for RCM6700 that the I2C pins are PE0 and PE1, or PE4 and PE5,we need to configure the I2C registers before using it

You are correct It seems, Direct application it will not work, You need to modify the register settings.Check the libraries at below directory.

I am trying to connect a master RCM6700 and RCM6700 slave with I2C bus,
please if you have a routine that works and that the libraries and example that brings the 10.72 dynamic does not work. I’ll be careful,