I2C using the RabbitCore RCM4200

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to implement the I2C protocol using the RCM4200; unfortunately I have NOT found any document regarding which PORTs can be used for (SDA and SCL). The Technical note TN215 recommends to use PORTD which Dynamic C function uses for I2C . RCM4200 does not allow you to use PORTD. I am confuse� Is anyone knows which PORT to use and the modification that has to be done in i2c.lib

Thank you very much

Luis Bustamante

The good news is that you can use a different port. The bad news is you need to modify the I2C library, but it’s not very difficult. Just do a global replacement of PDD to PED and it will change the Port D references to Port E. Then just modify the I2CSCLBit and I2CSDABit settings to the pins you wish to use on port E and you should be fine. Do not try to use port A or B as the I2C library does require a port that can do open collector outputs.

Considering that Port D is not available on many of the RCM4xxx core modules, I will submit a change request to make the port used by this library definable like the pins are. Good luck with your project.