Changing Web Server Port From 80 to XX

  1. Is there a way to change the web server port from 80 to another number?

  2. Is it possible to have the user configure the router to port forward from the internet port 60 to port 80 of a specific network IP?

The reason I ask these two questions is that having several of these devices on the same LAN having access to the internet requires “something” to have communication between a specific device and a remote user.



BTW, this is described in the API reference guide.
Also you do not state what version of NET+OS you are using. I will assume V7.X

There are three different APIs available to start the Advanced Web Server. The one that is most recommended is
NAHSStartServer. NAHSStartServer is passed a data structure (again desribed in the API reference manual.). One of the fields of this structure is called port. This is the port used by the AWS for fielding connections requests. Default is 80.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what you are asking in question two, thus I can not address it.