chip antenna, wire antenna

can one order chip antenna’s for the xbee?

i have a few xbee’s with wired antennas and i would like to use the chip antenna due to space issues for a current project but i didn’t want to have to purchase complete xbee’s for this, or is that the only way?

Not sure if the postage would be too expensive to make it worthwhile, but I have (2) XB24 with chip antenna.

I was going to try to remove the chip and replace it with a wire. This may destroy the chip antenna, however.

Want to explore a trade of complete units?

I have successfully swapped XBee antenna types with no problems at all. I use a hot-air SM soldering tool – one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

looks like i’ve been asleep and missed the replies.

Volkemon, what i was hoping was just to be able to order a few of the chip antenna’s and solder them on.

though i haven’t been able to find such individual chip antenna’s to order.

using something like the hot-air soldering tool soundscu mentioned.

@archendekta- OK! That hot air soldering tool looks like a needed one for me also… :slight_smile:

I am looking at removing the chip antenna(s) and puttng on the small wire whip, or better yet the fitting that attaches to the adapter cable.



If I can get the chips off without harming them, I will contact you and mail them.

@volkemon: great, thx & good luck …