How to change the antenna of my Xbee ZB with chip antenna?

hi guys, i wanted to change the chip antenna of my xbee zb. can someone please advice me on what should i do or things should i consider?thanks!

Yes, purchase a module with the desired antenna type. Otherwise you will void the warranty and risk damaging the module.

yeah i know. but i dont want to buy a new one. instead i am going to replace the chip antenna. how should i do that?
is it possible ? admin please reply. thanks

what i am going to do is to put an antenna(similar to xbee with RPSMA.) but it was came from my old telephone so i am wondering if i can use it as replacement to the chip antenna?

The short answer is you cannot replace the chip antenna. If you try to remove it you will almost certainly destroy the module. if you really want to try it (and I don’t recommend it) then unsolder and remove the chip antenna. If you manger to do this without damaging the module (in my experience it is very difficult to remove a surface mount part like the chip antenna without the proper de-soldering tool and lots of experience) next get a surface mount SMA connector pin and spacing compatible with the module mounting pads and mating with your ‘old telephone’ antenna (good luck trying to find the part number for this connector!). Solder it in place. Connect your ‘old telephone’ antenna and try it.

Remember the module radio is tuned to 2.4GHz so the antenna used, your ‘old telephone’ antenna, should also be tuned to 2.4GHz for best reeption. If it is not then you may receive a signal but it will be much attenuated.

thanks rubout. how about in whip antenna? can i actually put another antenna there? since there is no chip attached only the whip it would be easy for me? and do i have to remove the wip antenna once i already attached the new one?

Hi dioxden08… Unfortunately I have to agree with my colleague mvut.

As low cost as these modules are, it would likely be cheaper to just buy a module with the desired antenna type than it would be to spend time trying to modify an existing module so you can recycle your old telephone antenna. Good luck if you attempt it though :slight_smile:

the antennas which are placed in the zigbee modules cannot be replaced by any other antennas.

if u need to place u r external antenna go for the zigbee which has a slot to fix the antenna.

it is not possible for shouldering also because the shouldering temperature exceeds the temperature limit of 85 degrees.