Circuit layout considerations to connect SMT radio modules to XCTU

In previous designs, I’ve used socketed XBee modules. This has been nice in that when I need to change a radio’s configuration, I can pull it from the circuit and use the XCTU software with a Digi prototype/IO board to modify the radio. But I am moving to using SMT variants, particularly the XBee Pro SX, where I will not be able to simply pop the radio out of it’s socket to put it in a programmer.

I am looking for a reference of what pins are critical for the XCTU and XBIB boards such that I can do my design/layout in a way that I could connect the SMT radio module to a external programmer (controlled by XCTU) while it’s still in my circuit.

I humbly request that if anyone knows of such a reference, that I be directed towards it. And if there’s not such a reference already, an article to that effect would be very appreciated.

The product manual shows the following:

Pin connection recommendations

The only required pin connections are VCC, GND, DOUT and DIN. To support serial firmware updates, you should connect VCC, GND, DOUT, DIN, RTS, and SLEEP (DTR).

Pay Close attention to the second part of that statement.

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Thank you.

Is the ‘reset’ pin not necessary? I ask because when having done S3Bs on the programmer, the XCTU software has prompted me to press the XBIB’s reset button so that it can find the radio.

yes you need reset also along with that pins

No, it is NOT a required line but it is a recommended line to add just in case XCTU has issues.