Cisco and Foundry/Brocade pinouts

We just purchased a couple Digi CM 48 devices and I was trying to figure out the pinouts for our Cisco and Foundry/Brocade devices. The console ports on our Cisco devices use RJ45 connections. Our Foundry/Brocade devices have DB9-male connections. We purchased Digi’s DB9-female adapters to use with our Foundry gear.

The Digi RJ45 side is using standard 568B wiring. The device side of the cable is as below. I just cut the wires on the pins with an ‘x’. I don’t know if cutting them is necessary. Since the Digi sends a signal on all the wires I thought it best to not transmit those signals at all.

This worked for me. Hopefully this helps others.

1 - wht/org
2 - wht/blu
3 - wht/grn
4 - blu
5 - x
6 - grn
7 - wht/brn
8 - brn

1 - brn
2 - x
3 - grn
4 - blu
5 - x
6 - wht/grn
7 - x
8 - wht/org