Combining ROM.bin and image.bin into one file

I have a need to combine and upload the ROM.bin and image.bin into one file named rom.bin and upload it using ftp to my ConnectME. I remember that there is a way to combine the two binaries and upload them as a rom.bin file.

The reason I have to do this, when I try to upload an image.bin file, there is not enough RAM to retrieve the whole file, and so the uploading of the file fails…can’t upload new firmware. If I upload rom.bin file it uploads in chunks.

Please help!


I believe that this is what you will need

Yes. Thank you. I assume that the padding size can be kept to a minimum ? Thanks again, this utility save me a few days of work.


The padding size should be set to the value defined for the Bootloader in the Flash Memory Map section, under NET+OS in the project properties. This is normally 64K, if you are using the default bootlader.

Hi there
I have never tried to combine and upload the image.I think that would be very difficult for me if there is no image program.So is there any [color=black]image program which supports to do that directly?Thanks a lot[/color]