communication between Xbee pro s2b

I have to communicate two Xbee one connected to a waspmote card and the other to the PC by a gateway and I should have the information data in a labview interface
I use Xbee pro s2b (XBP24BZ7) as module
I have tried coordinateur API for the gate – router API to the waspmote but it doesn’t work
what firmware and configuration should I use ??
please help !!

Try using Coordinator AT (20A7) and Router AT (22A7). Make sure that you can pass the range test first before you move on to your Motes.

I would like to use API mode because it alllow to have such infotmation about data information
so there is not a solution using API mode??

It doesn’t work also with AT configuration mode !! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t pass the range test then the two radios are not associated or you are not running the range test correctly. To address this, I would suggest issuing an ATNR0 on your router before you short Data in to data out on it. Then see what happens.