communnication xbee

I have to communicate two Xbee connected each one to a waspmote card and the one other Xbee to the PC by a gateway

I should have the information data in a labview interface :
communiccation between the two Xbee connected to the waspmote and also the communication between waspmote Cards and the PC(gateway)

I use Xbee pro s2b (XBP24BZ7) as module

what configuration should I use ??
please help !!

I would suggest using the default settings for the Coordinator and Router AT firmware versions. This will allow both router remote nodes to talk to the Coordinator and the coordinator to talk to both remote routers.

I would like to have also communication between the two routers in the same time as communication between routers and the coordinator
it is possible ??
if yes how can I make it ?

That is doing nothing more than broadcasting to all nodes. That is set the destination address on the two routers to 0x000000000000FFFF. Then all nodes within the network will send all data to all nodes.