Communication betwen 3 (three) Xbees+Arduino


Very new to this community. I am working with Xbee Series 1 devices and Arduino UNO. The nodes are consist of Xbee+UNO.

I have made a communication as below:

Node A<~~~~~~~~~~~~>Node B

It worked fine. Now when I am trying to do another communication (The three nodes are switched on this time):

Node A<~~~~~~~~~~~~>Node C

I am getting problem. The Node A stops getting any data from Node B once I switch Node C on [I need to get data from Node B, so that I can send a particular command to node C]. I have put programming in All the nodes so that they would understand which data is from whom but it doesn’t seem working.

FYI: I have not changed anything in XBees, Just pre defined PAN ID as 3332 for 3 of them. And all other configurations are unchanged and as default. As arduino UNO is working behind, I am wondering whether the program has also anything to do here.

Looking forward for your answer or suggestion.


what model and firmware are the XBees?

I am using XBee Series 1 (Function set 802.15.4) and Version 10EC.

In there default state, the module are in transparent peer to peer mode. as a result, you need to crate the entire packet you want to send and if you want to know who it is coming from, add in an address function.