Problems and doubs with arduino Uno


I new dealing with Xbee and arduino I am trying to make a multihop with 3 arduinos using Xbee. But I am having terrible problemns.

in my project I have Arduino A, Arduino B and Arduino C
A send to B, Be receives and send a new message to C. They have and identification like 1(A), 2(B), 3(C). I have success sending from A to B, and I can see in the Serial monitor that B is receiving from A and sendind to C. But C dont get anything.

I have never done a configuration with XCTU. My code is really correct. I dont have doubt!!!
Please, do you think I need to handle XCTU. I am using Xbee PRO S1 Digi International,
back from Xbee shild is written XB24-ACI-001 revD.

Please, I reaaly need help.

Thanks a lot.

Are you using API mode? of course the S1 do not multi-hop for you, so your own Arduino needs to manually manage the multi-hop.

In AT mode this could be difficult because you’d need to constantly issue the +++ and update the destination address in ‘B’.

Perhaps you can better explain how you send from A to C via B? So A sends to B, then how does B know the message is for C? How is the send from B addressed?

I know you are confident in your code, but you should test it to make sure.
Directly connect each of your Arduinos to each other to ensure the code is correct. The connection requires 1 wire from the tx to the rx port on each Arduino AND a wire connecting the GNDs on each one. If you don’t connect the grounds it wont work.

hai,guys how do you make arduino and xbee series 1 multihop,can you share about the code and tutorial??please