Communication Problem in Router API

…the thing is that i’m using to get some data from xbee modules ,
the main problem is if i send a req from coordinator to Router, i’m not getting all the routers response and some routers are missing ,
if i’ll discover from XCTU then all routers are discovered hat means all are in network right.

1)i config the Routers and Coordinates in API Mode

2)Routers signal strength is good

i need all the Routers should communicate
if suppose in a n/w overall 30 routers are there ,if i send a req to Routers i can get only 20-25,and remaining 5 are not responding .i want to communicate all the routers when i send a req…please solve this problem

Are you using same firmware on all the Routers?
Use default settings on the Router and change only the settings which are required.