Issue with Router AT and Coordinator API

I am trying to make my two xbee working with this configuration:

Two XBP24BZ7 that one is going to be the coordinator API mode and then the other one Router AT that sends the status of the Digital pin 4 ( push button ).

I have uploaded the Coordinator with the latest firmware and PAN ID 17, the rest is default values.
I have uplodaded the Router AT with the latest firmware and PAN ID 17, JV True , Pin 4 Digital input and IR 3e8.

My Coordinator always blinks, and from the arduino via serial, I can’t get anything ( 9600 baudrate ).

The Router seems to dont send anything because the TX and RX leds are doing nothing ( or I have to look at other leds? ).

Can someone help me in this problem? Thanks!

I have the same issue but using ADO0 at the router…I see no answers to your post, but did you manage to solve it?

I discovred that on the router or coordinator there was a ID sending or ID receiving that different.
I was setting everything to ZERO so I would send to the anyone.

After I changed the variable I had the data coming