configuration with 12 xbees

I want to create a network of 12 Xbee clients and 1 server that gets all information from all of them.
What I understood I have to put a “router” in the middle to split in two the network,
1 server -> 1 router -> 6 xbee
-> 1 router -> 6 xbee
Am I wrong?

Also I would like to send the result of one pin that is going to be 0 or 1 ( push button ).
When these devices are sending these information, there is a way to detect which was the client? Like client number 1 sent HIGH, client number 2 sent LOW, etc…

I did some research and I understood that sending the HIGH and LOW is possible but I just need these two clarification :slight_smile:

Digi’s 802.15.4 products can do line passing:

I’m not sure how to do it with series 2 radios though however.