Configuring the Edgeport 4

I replace an edgeport 2 with and edgeport 4. I have a GPS that connects to one of the ports. When I used the edgeport 2 I would check the Disable Plug an Play feature in the utility program to stop the mouse cursor from jumping around. This worked well. The driver/utility program that I installed for the edgeport 4 does not have the Disable Plug and Play feature as an option. My question is: Will one of the boxes in the configuration utility do the say thing as the Disable Plug and Play ? I down loaded the driver from the digi edgeport website. file number 40002537_F.exe for the edgeport 4


Hello Carl,

We have Plug&Play disabled by default in the newer Edgeport drivers.

Can you tell me, Is the Plug&Play disabled in the 40002537_F.exe driver or do I have to download and reinstall the4002537_G.exe driver file.


Plug&Play is disabled for both of those drivers.