Edgeport Configuration Utility doesn't work for Edgeport/8s in Win7!

Hi everyone,
Edgeport Configuration Utility doesn’t work for Edgeport/8s in Win7! I configurated 8 ports to be RS232,RS422 and RS485 with Utility and work normal in Win7. But it is back to RS232 default setting when move to Win8. The Utility no Win7 OS version but our computers were updated to Win8.
I downloaded the WinXP version but doesn’t work on Win8.
How to solve this problem? Who can give me a guide?
I call digi.com but no helpful! Why Digik.com haven’t provide Win7 Utility now? Thanks.

Digi does have a Windows 7/8 driver for the Edgeport/8:


Here is the main support page for the Edgeport USB:


Make sure you uninstall the old driver from the Edgeport Config Utility and reboot the host computer before installing the updated 5.70 driver.

He didn’t ask about the drivers. He asked about the Edgeport Configuration Utility. I have the same problem. There is not entry for Windows 7 or 8 in the download options for the configuration utility. I also tried the XP version but it shows all ports as Disabled and crashes if you try to configure one.

Someone needs to get on the ball and update the Edgeport Configuration Utility for Windows 7&8 AND get the download option for it set up on the support page for Edgeports.

The “answer” given by halovapor on 2/6/14 is not an answer. Someone at Digi needs to address this. I have had this same problem in both Windows 7 and 8 and there is still no clear support thread for it.

halovapor suggested installing the updated drivers. That is not the problem. It is the Edgeport Configuration Utility. Also, if you download the Readme files that go with the drivers, it lists the configuration utility in the contents of the install package, but it is not there.

Someone at Digi needs to fix this. Either put the updated (Win7/8) configuration utility in with the driver install like it says in the readme, or set it up for download separately in the support page for Edgeports. Currently there is no Windows 7 or 8 OS option in the download section for the Edgeport Configuration Utility.