Need Edgeport/4 USB drivers for Win 7 64bit

I am trying to set up my old Edgeport/4 USB->Serial on my new Windows 7 64 bit machine and can’t find the drivers. I had this device working great on my old Win7 32bit machine but I just cannot get it to work under 64 bit. I’ve downloaded the drivers from the website but it does not find the device. The device shows up as Unknown Device in device manager.

Can someone PLEASE help. I need to get this up and running again. Thanks!

The current Edgeport driver is here. You just need to run that file, then plug in the Edgeport afterwards. The Edgeport driver should automatically install.

If that’s not working, I suggest trying to narrow down the problem (is it the Edgeport or the computer that the problem “follows”?). For example, does the same Edgeport install fine on another computer?