Edgeport/1 unknown device in windows 7

I used edgeport/1 with windows XP for 2 years with no problems.
Recently i have changed computer and operating system with windows 7 64 bit. Endgport/1 not working, because windows 7 not recognise it(drivers are in c:\Edgeport Drivers ver 5.30). I used the same edgport/1 with old computer (with windows XP) and working. See the screens. (3 screen is windows xp old computer)

Thank you for your help

I also am having troubles using an Edgeport/1 on Windows 7 (after having no problems on XP Professional). I downloaded driver package 40002537_H.exe (which claims Win7 compatibility) but no luck. Manually instructing driver installer to look in extracted-folder C:\Edgeport Drivers fails to find a driver…help Digi!

Do these instructions help?

Begin with an uninstall, per the uninstall instructions at the end of the doc. Then reboot the computer as instructed, then try to install the Edgeport by following the installation instructions at the top.

If the provided instructions do not work, I would suggest contacting Digi technical support via the phone, or fill out an online support request form.