Windows 7 cannot locate driver for edgeport 4/16

Hi – when I try to install drivers for the edgeport 4/16 on win7 sp1 64 bit - having no luck. Green LED is blinking every second or so. I downloaded drivers from website (5.70) and the files are copied to c:\edgeport drivers, but windows will not recognize them as the proper drivers for the device when I right click in device manager on the exclamation point next to Edgeport/416 and update drivers and point to the right dir. Windows says ‘Windows could not find the software for your device’.


It sounds like the driver is already installed, if the System Status LED is blinking green.

Well , then why would I get the message from Windows and why does not the congfiguration utility not run and why do I have the exclamation points in device drivers?

I’m not sure. That’s strange. Have you tried installing this EP/416 on another computer, to see if the problem “follows” the EP/416?