Edgeport/1 with Windows 7

Hi gang,
This may have already been addressed here. I am having a problem with the Edgeport/1 USB converter in Windows 7.
I have been using this wonderful converter for about a year now, but i just installed windows 7 last night and it does not work.

It seems that when I put the converter into my Laptop 2 drivers are installed from the disk. One appears good the other FAILED.
I try the TEST PORTS option and it fails when I press the begin test button. I have used this on XP with many machines and never had this problem. How could there be 2 drivers all the time. If I click port status on com[3] that the driver did detect as good, BLUE SCREEN happens instantly.

If it has been addressed could someone show me the correct location where this has happened to anybody.

This is very important because we are going to recommend this converter to all our customers. The $10 ones are not good with modbus.

Hi Tony,

In case you weren’t already aware, we don’t yet offer a driver for Windows 7, so there very well may be some bugs. It’s hard to say right now if any of the issues you’re running into are due to potential Windows 7 related bugs or not, so I’ll need more information in order to try to determine that. Please upload the following screen captures:

  1. Windows Device Manager (maximized).
  2. Edgeport Configuration Utility (the main “General” tab) with the Edgeport expanded.
  3. Edgeport Configuration Utility (the “Version” tab).

Also, besides using the “Test Ports” feature in our utility, have you tried to actually “use” the Edgeport in a more real world fashion, i.e. with other software, to communicate with serial devices?