connect EM recovery without JTAG if application with exception at start-up

I use connect EM module and unfortunately I have upload application which raise an Exception during start-up.
Unfortunately it was module without JTAG interface and when exception appear, module report exception and stop operation.
Is there any pins, which can force bootloader in module to download new image via TFTP?? In connect ME module there are, but on EM module I can not find out them …

thank you for help,


You can try to recover the modules by doing the following: With the module plugged into a Digi development board, short pins 3 and 4 on the MFG header and pressing the white button during startup.

Below is a link to a really good Knowledge Base article discussing the recovery process for these modules.

Like it states in this article, the module(s) may not be recoverable.

Knowledge Base Article:
How to recover a Digi Connect ME, Wi-ME, EM, Wi-EM, SP, and Wi-SP JTAG’less C module


If you have a dev kit, then it is possible to solder a connector to the standard module to interface to the JTAG.

I have managed to do this in the past