Why aren't the JTAG lines available on the production modules?

After struggling with these modules and rendering two of them useless, I have to wonder why the JTAG lines aren’t made available on the production modules. If you plan to redo the design any time soon, please bring the JTAG lines out on all modules.

If your modules are -S, you can still use Diagnostic Mode to reflash the modules.

Digi sells already ConnectME-C with or
without JTAG modules.
You can order them from your local Sales Rep.


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Nope, need to use the -C modules because the -S modules aren’t flexible enough. Before the creation of the -C and -S modules, you were able to ground a pin on the ME and it would take you to a routine in the boot loader that would let you recover from a bad module.

The -S modules still have the bootloader.


You can customize the bootloader to use the /INIT pin at startup to recover the firmware. The disadvantage is that you have to load 2 firmwares, but then you are sure that you can recover a faulty DIGI.