Big problem with Wi ME "C" Module - dead after reboot

I have a problem with uploading my own firmware into Wi-ME modules (type “C”). I’ve broken three modules and I still don’t know what I did wrong. The same firmware uploaded in the same way into module with jtag works fine. I’ll describe what I did step-by-step:

  1. Release compilation (generated rom.bin and image.bin)
  2. setting access-point (ssid “Connect” + dhcp server)
  3. running module on devboard
  4. ftp connection (user: root, password: Netsilicon, binary mode: bin)
  5. uploading rom.bin and image.bin (put xxx.bin)
  6. reboot after successful transmission

The two modules programmed in this way started correctly, but the three others are not responding now. I can see that some initialization works (DTR and RTS diodes on devboard blinks after reset), but that’s all. Leds on modules are still turned off.
Is there any way to reprogram this devices? (There is serial CLI turned off in my software).

Does anyone could help me? It’s saturday, my project still doesn’t work, and the very very last deadline is Monday…

Have you confirmed your blbootldr.dat for bootloader RAM location? It could be that the bootloader is getting clobbered by the application when it is uncompressed: this is a typical scenario why the program will work under debug/jtag but crash on a real unit, as there is no bootloader decompression taking place in debug mode.