connect external harddrive Usb anywhere

I have connect a USB External Hard drive to the USB anywhere i believe the 9000 a 2 port network . Have configured the Usb anywhere with a IP number etc. and conneceted it to our LAN.

I can reach the USB anywhere ip and configure it thru network but i cannot reach (i don’t know how) the external harddrive. How can i connect to the USB harddrive.

I want to make backups from pc to that anywhere.

Sorry to say, USB 2.0 storage devices (hard drives, flash drives) aren’t supported with the AWUSB. This is primarily because the AWUSBs are USB 1.1 hubs, which affects performance. We MAY release USB 2.0 firmware in the future for some of the 2nd generation models. If and when that happens, depending on how the testing goes, we may change our stance. In the meantime, we do not recommend using these kinds of devices with AWUSBs and we do not support them.