Connection two devices via AnywhereUSB

Could you tell me, is the functional «MULTI-HOST CONNECTIONS» required for a situation where TWO usb drives must be presented to ONE host (virtual machine)?
I plan to offer our customer the «AW-USB-2-W». But I’m not sure that this is the right choice…

Best Regards, Viacheslav

I know this is relatively old but when you use the 2port version of the AW, it connects both USB ports to the host that you make that connection with. Even with the 5+ port versions (or at least with the 14 since I have the 2 port and the 14 port), you can group USB ports together to have multiple devices connected to the same system.

My related question which I doubt will get answered here but I’ll ask it anyway is, when I want one system to have simultaneous connection to two different groups of ports, how is that accomplished or is that even possible with the AWUSB14?