Multiple USB ports per host

We have a AnywhereUSB/14. Each USB port is assigned a group number.

I have a need to connect multiple USB devices to a VM, running Win2012 R2. Using the AnywhereUSB Remote Hub Configuration Utility on a VM, I am unable to connect 2 USB groups.

On the AnywhereUSB/14 Configuration and Management web interface, I assigned 2 USB ports to the same group. When configured in this way, the Remote USB Hub viewer on the VM sees only one port under the RootHub. Is this correct?

Is it possible to have a VM host connect to 2 ports, and/or groups simultaneously?


It’s not possible to connect more than 1 Group to a host computer. One Group number must be specified. If you have multiple USB ports that need to be connected to a host computer, then you would want to change the assignments on the AWUSB-side, not the host computer side. You also might want to enable the DGA (Dynamic Group Assignments) feature so you can change the assignments on-the-fly (now and potentially later) without having to reboot the AWUSB.

Does this clear things up?

I had added the 2 ports to one group. I think I needed to reboot the AnywhereUSB for it to take affect, even though the web GUI said the config was saved.

What I ended up doing was enabling DGA, which required the reboot, and the 2 ports showed up properly on the VM host. I am assuming that the reboot fixed my issue, not the enabling of DGA, but I am not sure.

If a reboot was the only thing needed, this would be a good thing to add to the documentation and KB, because that was information that I could not find. Even information on DGA is not very clear regarding it’s use to combine multiple ports into one group. But thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the feedback. Did you look at the built-in help in the web UI for more information about DGA?