AnywhereUSB 14 One Host with Multiple Connections

I am using an AnywhereUSB 14 and would like to have two different USB ports in different groups because they are independent. However there are times when some users need to connect both of those separately grouped USB ports to their system at the same time. How do I configure the AnywhereUSB software to allow 2 simultaneous connections to 2 different groups?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only have the PC connected to 1 group at a time. You must first disconnect the group from the original PC, and then connect to that group from the second PC.

Your first two sentences seemed to answer my question but your second sentence introduces an ambiguity that I think should be clarified. In this scenario, there’s no second PC. Just so we’re clear, I want a single PC to connect to two groups simultaneously.

I can’t imagine I’m the first to need to connect to two USB devices but not want them tied together in the same group. Is this something Digi is working on for this product?