What the AnywhereUSB simultaneous connections is?


We just bought a AnywhereUSB device few days ago, It worked perfectly,except it only accepted one connection.

For instance, B host couldn’t reach AnywhereUSB since A connected.

The question is what the AnywhereUSB simultaneous connections is? If AnywhereUSB can takes more then one connection, how?

Thanks for your help!


This is normal and by design. One computer can connect to an AnywhereUSB at one point in time (just like any other USB hub). Host A must disconnect from the AnywhereUSB before Host B can connect.


I am also very interested in how to connect to AnywhereUSB with multiple hosts at the same time!
Whether it is implemented in the new drivers?

Thanks for your help!

That is not possible with any of the current AnywhereUSB models.

Future AnywhereUSB models will offer this kind of feature.

UPDATE: Digi now offers AnywhereUSB models that allow multiple computers to connect to them, at the same time. Please refer to the KB article below for details.