Connecting to AnyWhereUSB 2 Plus from 2 clients

Hello, I’m trying to read data from a USB device using 2 computers on the same LAN. On each computer I have installed the manager on service mode and assigned a unique Client Id. I’ve created a group and gave the permissions in the web interface and can see the device in the manager in both computers. However, I see that onnly one computer can be connected to the device at a time. My question is : how can i connect from both of the computers to the device simultaneously ?

Hello @barak.eliyahu, and thank you for contacting us.

The following article describes Multi-Host connections vs. Group/USB Port sharing:

Summary: Although the AnywhereUSB Plus product can be accessed/used by multiple Host computers where the AnywhereUSB Manager software is installed, it is not possible to “share” a USB port in such a way that two clients could “own” it at the same time. Either client could have the AnywhereUSB Plus Group/associated USB Ports Open, but that client would have to close its connection before another client could access them

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