Connect I2C or SPI pressure sensor. Example code/difficulty?

I am trying to wirelessly log gas pressure. Are there any examples? ready made XBee Pro ZB pressure sensors out there I can buy off the shelf?

I am trying to decide whether it’s sensible for me to learn how to program the XBee Pro ZB to do the job or buy a much more expensive ready made logger.


Why not just use either a UART enabled sensor or Analog sensor. Then you can just connect it up to the existing UART or ADC inputs.

When you say UART I assume you mean RS232. I haven’t seen many of those. I don’t know that it would be any easier than I2C or SPI.

The ADC is only 10 bits. I had decided to do it that way but then the customer ended up saying they didn’t need logging so I have ordered a Bluetooth pressure sensor.
We needed wireless because we are measuring small weight losses on a laboratory balance and don’t want wire connections interfering with the readings.