Connect ME UDP auto-response


I hava a Digi Connect ME with such firmware:

Firmware Version:   (Version 82000856_F6 07/21/2006)
Boot Version:   (release_82000866_C)
POST Version:1.1.3   (release_82000867_G)

Is there a possiblity (with newer firmware mabe) to have the digi respond directly to UDP requests without the need to explicitly specify the destination hosts? Just like in the client-server mode with sending PC being the client: request and response on the same socket.

Hi Ratel,

Try the newest ME firmware:

Are you sure you need to define destination hosts? I seem to remember that the ME firmware will remember the address of the last received UDP packet and will forward to that address.



Thanks for the reply,

We have 2 different appliances with the mentioned digi (with the same firmware). And both, when placed in the UDP sockets mode, behave exactly the same. That is - you need to specify the receivers list with respective ports.

Regarding the firmware upgrade: when flashing the POST firmware I think I killed one of my devices. I flashed it with this one: and it is signalling the green led, even with eth. cable disconnected, in such manner: 6-3-4 (6 meaning 6 consecutive quick blinks).


as you can see from:
82001229_F.bin is a EOS firmware meant for a module with 4MB flash.
There is a note to update the POST firmware first!

The standard module DC-ME-01T-S PN(1P): 50000878-01 has only 2MB flash. The 82001229_F.bin EOS firmware will not run on modules with 2MB flash only. There is a recovery procedure (presumed the boot loader is still intact): >