Connect ME very slow


I’m developing a software to work on GPIO’s of Connect-Me and Wi-Me.
So this is the problem, my software on Connect-ME works fine, fast, but on Wi-Me is very slow, for exemple to change the state of GPIO I have to wait +/- 6 secs. My firmware is the last (Version 82000977_K1 10/16/2008).

Obs: On connect Me I do the same work in 1 second.

Thank You


Are you having wifi trouble? put wime close (within 5 feet) to access point and retest.
ARe you sending multiple requests in small chunks?
How are you changing states on the GPIO? RCI? what’s the command you are using?

hey, thanks for answer!

I did this test, I put very close (3~5cm) and continues so slow.
I’m doing in Java
String liga;
char aspas= 34 ;
liga = “”;
liga = liga + " ";
liga = liga + " “;
liga = liga + " asserted”;
liga = liga + " ";
liga = liga + " ";
liga = liga + “”;

this is a function, so saida=pin of GPIO that I have to change