connect portserver through telnet

I connect to PortServerII16 through Telnet. Login as root and type who command. I can see my tty is 17. That’s ok. From there, I want to connect to my server through Telnet. OK! I can type “telnet”. Yes, I got a connection.
My problem is that I have to have d200 termtype. I can change “termtype” from range 1 to 16 but not 17. default is VT100.
2nd problem(question) is…
If I set user, can portserver connect to my server through telnet as soon as user logins in as his user name?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can configure users to connect directly to your server:

#> set user name=(user_name) autoconnect=on autohost=(IP_of_your_host_server) outgoing=on autoport=23

The termtype value is simply a text value that is passed onto your server to interpret the true emulation.