Connect switch to xbee series 1

Basically I have a switch which instead of being connected to 3.3V is connected to ground and there is nothing I can do about it. Normally I would do this, but now im not sure how to go about it. I have tried a few things but in vein. I have two buttons like this connected to pins DIO2 and DIO3 of a series 1 xbee and would like to know if it is possible and if so what to set the pins to and how to connect it physically.

Thanks Lanfear

I would suggest reading over

I have looked around and came to the conclusion that it can’t be done, since the xbee needs to be outputting a voltage from its pin and I could not find an option on x-ctu either. Anyhow I have managed to disconnect my switch from ground and soldered a positive connection onto it, solving my problem at least. Thanks for trying to help though

That is what the Output High option is for. It allows the XBee module to output a 3.3V output on the Pin.

I have read something similar where he mentioned using a pullup resistor and using a high output, but I am confused how that works since you would be setting the pin as a output rather than an input.

Are you or are you not trying to perform a DIO line pass from one modules DI to another modules Digital Out line?

im trying to do a DIO line pass. As i understand it the remote side should be set as an input while the base side is set as an output. But with the switch on the remote side being connected to ground rather than a voltage, the input pin should give out an a voltage. Are you saying that if i set the base side xbees output to high, the remote side input would gave a voltage?

No, the switch on the input side needs to be connected to a voltage and then to an Input. Other wise you are not switching anything.