Have voltage and output current on certain DI pins.

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Hello there, I have been designing a remote input/output device.

The device itself is powered by a 12v power supply. I cut the voltage down to 3 with a zener diode so my Xbee works fine.

The problem is that when i put certain pins in INPUT mode, they still emit current/voltage that ruin my mesures as i am doing a voltage divider to get the voltage from my sensors back down to 3V.

So when the input of the 12V sensor (equivalent to a button) is not open, there is still current going through my second resistance causing me grief.

Any idea of why is that, and why it doesn’t do it on all DI?
I am using IO 0,1,2,3,4 as input, IO 6 as output.
And the ones that are having a false positive because of that voltage varies.

Thanks in advance for the answers guys

Have you disabled the internal pull up resistors?