xbee voltage divider



I have an XBee S2 and I was trying to detect an input from a signal which was 12v, so I used a voltage divider with R1=220k and R2=24k, I checked the output voltage with multipmeter and it was 1.2v, which is what XBee S2 input pin is meant to get, however the XBee was not able to detect that input, could you please tell me why was it? could it be because the output current (Io) from the voltage divider was so low that it couldn’t detect it? if so what register values should I use.

Also my second question is what if I want to power XBee from the output of that voltage divider, what register values should I used if I am to power it from the same voltage divider?


The current should be plenty, will need microamps if that to sense. I have not tried powering using a voltage divider, I would recommend powering using a voltage regulator, an LDO MCP1702 for example BUT will get hot with a 12v input if its for continuous use, if you have the XBee sleeping most of the time then you should be OK.

Hope this helps,