Xbee S1 > Xbee S1.... Signal Strength LED?

Hi Everybody,

I’m an art student trying to do a very simple thing. Maybe you can help?

I have two Xbees (S1), and I want to have an LED attached to each light up as they approach ech other.

Ideally the LEDs would be at max brightness at 2’ out, and dim progressively as one walks away.

My Professor heard from a Digi pro friend of hers, mentioning it might be possible to do it electrically by reading the RSSI pwm off of pin 6, but I’m pretty lost as to how to do that.

Right now I’m imagining something like:

powering the board off of a 3v battery pack, and hooking an Led positive to pin 6, with the negative to the ground. Doing this on each side.

Does this make any sense? My apologies for the super n00b question. Any tips greatly appreciated.


Just an idea:

Read the PWM voltage of pin 6 (RSSI PWM) with an external microcontroller, and having that microcontroller change the power output to an LED based on the reading, all while having the radios streaming data to each other. The RSSI signal only works when the radio is sending and receiving data.

Info on XBee pins: http://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/Digidocs/90001500/Default.htm#Reference/r_th_smt_pins.htm