Hi everyone !

In my project , I want to get the RSS(Received Signal Strength) of Xbee frequently , so i choose to measuring the PWM output in pin 6 when received data package.

But i found a wired thing, that is ,when 2 Xbee(1 Coordinator and 1 Router) are putted into two ‘far away’ (more than 3 meter approximately) place, receiver Xbee(Router) can output PWM(indicates RSS) into it’s pin 6 normally , but when they are putted together( distance less than 3 meter) , receiver Xbee can never output PWM in pin 6.

I was using Xbee Serial 2 Wire Antenna(ZB),2 Xbee are both downloaded AT firmware , their DH and DL are each others’s SH and SL , communication between two device are work well.

so the problem seem that pin 6 of Xbee will output PWM only when they are putted ‘far away’ enough.

I was wondering it’s that a normal phenomenal or something got wrong at my setting in Xbee command or something else.

I would appreciate any comment on my problem !

forgive my poor English , thank you !

Sounds like you are over loading the front end of the radio. Try using the DB command instead.

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Thank you very much for answering my question!I‘ve tried AT command - DB,just like you said ,it will output a normal RSS value no matter how far two Xbee apart from each other,that’s wonderful !
But in my project,i need to read RSS value frequently,but AT command is not so appropriate,so ,i decided to read PIN 6.I was a little bit confused about “over loading the front end of the radio”,could you just explain the detail for me , and can we just do something to avoid this ?Thank you very much !!

Overloading the front end refers to having too much power at the receivers antenna port causing interference and eventuality could damage the receiver. This is done by placing the transmitter with a high gain antenna in close proximity of the receiver. Generally within a few ft. This is why it is generally recommended that you dial back the transmit power level when in close range.