RSSI values

I would like to display received signal strength to 3 led indicators in my circuit board.
Could you please let me know if i would like to divide to received signal strength values at 3 different green leds as Good, medium and Low which values are the best?
For example;
between 0x5A and 0X64 values - good
0x46 - 0x59 - Medium
0x00 - 0x45 - Low
In my application i use point to multipoint system and all modules are Xbee-Pro 802.15.4. i run at 19.200 bps
Best Regards

From the Digi site you can download the schematic for their development board, which contains such a circuit. I believe the good folks at Digi are happy for people to make use of their circuit in this way. I don’t know, however, what thresholds they use.

Thank you for your quick response.
I thought i could utilize that RSSI value into chip my code according to AT-DB command response.
Even digi’s tech support team dont have the exact figures about that so I will figure out by using LMV339 on circuit in future projects.
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