Can the XBee DIN/DOUT pins tolerate TTL or must levels be restricted to 3V

All XBee shields I’ve seen have some kind of level shifter on-board, so I’m assuming that XBees are not 5V tolerant. However, the product manual (at least for the S2/ZB series) doesn’t seem to list any maximum voltages for the input pins, so I’m not 100% sure.

I suspect that this can be found out from the datasheet from the Freescale and Ember chips used in the S1 and S2 XBee boards, but I haven’t taken the time to look yet.

Thank you matthijs. I came to the same conclusion and also found lack of info in both the Product Datasheets (these contain hardly any real data) and the full Product Manual.


I would also like to know if the XBEE modules are 5 volts tolerant ?

Especially for the Digi XBEE 900HP DIN/DOUT and GPIO pins.