XB24 & PIC 16f88 UARTs

new to Xbee’s : i want to send data from a pin on 16f88 to the DIN on the xbee then transmit that to the base connected to a PC.

Can the pin out on the 16f88 be directly connected to the DIN on the xbee?

also, the voltage for the xbee is ranged at 2.8-3.4V and the 16f88 is ranged at 2.0-5.5V. I would need a voltage divider, yes?

anyone know of some examples on the web that shows the PCB setup and code I can study for this type of setup. maybe Digi has a few?

well I dont work with PIC but this is general problem. If your MCU runs at at the same voltage as Digi module (2.8-3.4V), can be connected MCU to xbee directely. otherwise you will need level shifter.

Xbee with DIGI MESH (I have expirience only with this FW) and with disabeled API can be used directely => what you send to input you will se at the output of the others modules.

Read datasheets for PCB setup and others.


Hi all:

This is my first time joining this forum. I am currently designing a wireless sensor network for streetlight condition monitoring using Zigbee. I tried to use PIC16F877A to communicate with Zigbee. Is it possible? Do you all have any material to share with me so that I can study in more details on this communication?

Pin Jern

OK. i’ll verify the voltages again and if needed, look for a bi-directional level-shifter. thanks

In these months I have developed an application for pic18f2620 with XBee serious 2 writing in C18 through MPLAB.
My application of environmental monitoraggio works to the perfection using the method of reading and settaggio of the parameters COMMAND Mode (I write "+ + + ", “ATNI”, “ATDH”, “ATDL.”… etc) and I am able to perfectly read (or settare) the parameters of operation of the form Xbee saving them on varying settate on the microcontrollore.

When however beginning to use frame “Xbee Api” the microcontrollore is jammed ", while (DataRdyUSART ()) "… The form Xbee in practice is as if he/she didn’t answer to the command Bees that I have just sent…

For example if I send the following array of characters “CArray [] = (0×7E, 0×00, 0×04, 0×08, 0×01, 0×6e, 0×69, 0×1f)”; I would want to read the parameter NODE IDENITFIER from the regulating Xbee but I don’t receive anything… DataRdyUSART () Non receives nothing.

The thing that is making me go crazy is really the fact that using commands AT the program works to the perfection… The interrupts, the WDts… everything is all right. I just send a simple frame Bees he plants and nothing doesn’t receive…
I have tried to send the same frame Bees through XCTU and I have realized that indeed it is correct in how much I receive a frame of answer container the parameters that I have planned.
Would someone of you know how to tell me the why??