Help on Interfacing Xbee 24 to PIC16f887

hi all…can anyone help me on how to interface an Xbee24 to a MCU in particular pic16f887…The pic uses a 5v supply and have made a direct connection between the pic and the Xbee via the USB adapter supplied with the modules.

with these connections so far the xbee is sending data to pic but the pic is not responding i think it can not read the signal from the module. the baud rate of the pic and the modules are the same.

i don’t know where i am wrong anyone assit pliz…

pins were connected wrongly! You should open page 14 in xbee datasheet(2011) for more information.

Specifically, you have the 'DOUT/TX" pins of the Xbee linked to your TX of the PIC, plus the 2 RX/receive pins linked.

This means anything your PIC sends “hits it’s head” on the output of the XBee, so no one is hearing anything.

Thanx guys, that was my mistake on the diagram i drew(posted). The TX of the Xbee is on the RX of the PIC and the RX of the Xbee on the TX of the pic…still i see the same problem… I don’t know what to do…Help pliz…
I am sorry for the mistake sorry guys but help pliz