Help Interfacing XBP24-ZB to Picaxe MCU


I’ve been searching for days about how I should this…

Basically, I want a Picaxe microcontroller (5v 40X2) to send serial data to another Picaxe through XBee Pro.

I have configured one the modules as Co-ordinator AT, and the other as End device AT.

When interfaced to PC throgh USB adapters, I can send text from the X-CTU’s terminal form the coordinator to the End device successfully,
But when it comes to Picaxe interfacing, I can’t get it working.

I have connected the Picaxe’s serial OUT to the XBee D-IN through a voltage divider setup, and the XBee’s D-Out to the Picaxe’s serial IN directly.

Baud rate settigns are 9600-8-N-1 for all devices…

The BASIC code for the picaxe is this:

serout C.6, T9600_32, ("LED_ON",#b0)

If you still facing problem in the interfacing, then you can check Schematic for XBIB-R-Dev board on for your reference.

Get the PICAXE code working without the XBees first.