XBee S2 communicating wireless (serial Port) with PIC18F4620

I have 2 Xbee S2(Zigbee) Modules. I have 1 Coordinator AT and 1 Router AT. I also have assigned and configured the coordinator address to the router and the routers address to the coordinator.

I have 2 Embedded system PIC’s. I have them communicating “Wired” through the RX and TX ports.

I want to use the XBees to communicate them wireless through the serial port. I have 2 Xbee Explorer Regulated boards so there are 4 outputs.

GND, 5V, Din, Dout

I have hooked up each Xbee to 1 PIC board using Din to TX and Dout to RX.

I am not able to send or receive data. I tried an external power source as well and still nothing.

Swap the Tx and Rx lines.