xbee s2 connection between a MCU reading 16 sensors and a computer

I’m working on a university project that requires me to read 16 identical sensors and transmit it wirelessly to a computer for display.

I’m using a PIC18 to deal with the sensors and communicate those data serially to my XBee link… which I can’t seem to establish… or figure out if I’m establishing.

I’ve set up my PAN ID, destination addresses, AT coordinator(USB dongle), AT router (connected to the MCU) and I know I’m outputting serial even if it’s incorrect.

If I’m supplying the proper VCC and GND voltages shouldn’t I be able to discover the radio node from XCTU?

Right now with everything plugged in nothing seems to happen when I look at the console in XCTU.

Any ideas as to what my problem could be?

You will only be able to discover the radio connected via the USB connection directly. You will need to enter command mode and issue an ATND command to discover the 2nd radio if it is associated.