XBee 3 Connected by SPI to a PIC24

Hello All,

I was wondering if there were any good examples out there on how to connect an XBee 3 to a PIC device over SPI and send and receive commands. I do not own any of the pieces yet as I am in a discovery stage of development in a project.

The plan is to create a proof of concept in which I attach an XBee 3 to the SPI pins of an existing product. This product reads various sensor values over BACnet. I would then transmit these sensor values to a second XBee 3 running a micro python script which will take some action. My issue however is I do not fully understand how to send the data in frames over SPI.

I am not aware of any examples out side of the manual. Note that the Digi XBee is a 3V device so a level shifter may be required. Also note that the XBee is a SPI slave device. So your PIC would need to be a master device.

Final note to keep in mind is that when using the SPI port, the XBee uses its API interface for all communications between the XBee and the PIC.

Hi, I know it’s been a couple of years since you asked your question but I’m wondering if you’ve been able to establish communication between the xbee and the pic or you found some examples somewhere. I am working on a similar project and would like to know if it is possible?